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About Stefan Mihai Dima

Everlasting Memories Creator

I always had an interest in photography, began by shooting photos of family members, friends and nature, but it wasn’t until my daughter was born in late 2018 I found a real passion for it, I remember the first photos I took of her, I put her in a pumpkin when she was only a few weeks old and I tried to take photos of her, it looked like an epic fail video.

I love photography because I get to capture those perfect moments for eternity. Especially the ones that would otherwise be lost forever.

I Love that I can freeze in time a precious moment, that means everything to me. This is ultimately the reason why I decided to do this job.
So let's capture some memories together!

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Introducing Stefan Mihai Dima

Creatively Capturing Moments

I aim to catch those special moments that you can look back on and remember forever. I honestly believe you can never have enough photographs. I'm quite a visual person, so photography for me is a perfect way of remembering those special moments within your life. 
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